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Applications for Imaging Workbench

Imaging Workbench 6 is an effective, practical and easy-to-use program for ion and analyte concentration imaging. Imaging Workbench runs under Windows 10. Imaging Workbench is used for:

  • Imaging of biological preparations in low light conditions.
  • Control of experiments in which dual wavelength (ratiometric) and single wavelength methods are used to determine ion concentration information as a function of time.
  • On-line analysis (i.e., during the experiment), with continuous update of graphs and data export.
  • Post-experimental analysis of imaging data.
  • Synchronization of imaging with electrophysiology hardware and software.

Live Cell Imaging

Imaging Workbench is a powerful tool to monitor and measure fast or slow timelapse events, including ion concentration changes, molecular interactions, cell growth and differentiation, and other dynamic changes.


Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) is a distance-dependent physical process by which energy is transferred nonradiatively from an excited molecular fluorophore (the donor) to another fluorophore (the acceptor) by means of intermolecular long-range dipole-dipole coupling. Imaging Workbench can be used for FRET by customizing your current imaging system.

FluoVis Imaging Systems with Imaging Workbench

Imaging Workbench is a key element of FluoVis, a customized turnkey to determine ion concentration, dynamic fluorescence, intrinsic signal and cell volume activity in live preparations using fluorescence and/or bright-field microscopy. It also serves as a core for concurrent imaging and electrophysiology or imaging and photometry

Concurrent Imaging and Electrophysiology

Imaging Workbench can be run on the same computer simultaneously with pCLAMP 8 though 10 or with PatchMaster v2 or Pulse from Heka, for concurrent imaging and electrophysiology. Image playback and analysis allows simultaneous viewing of imaging and electrophysiology data in the Graph window, sharing the same time axis and measurement cursors.  More...

Concurrent Photometry and Electrophysiology

Imaging Workbench 6 can be built into a complete photometry solution using
hardware from TILL Photonics (Germany) or Cairn Research (UK) and software (pClamp) from
Axon Instruments/Molecular Devices. See Integrated Imaging and Electrophysiology systems.

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