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What's New

Imaging Workbench 6.1

INDEC BioSystems is now shipping version 6.1 Imaging Workbench. IW 6.1 now supports Windows 10 and strengthens its already solid performance in its core area of time series, multi-channel live cell fluorescence imaging. Here are some of the new features:

Z Step Control — IW 6.0 supports the control of a z step system, allowing software-controlled focus during the experiment.

Better Andor iXon Support — IW 6 now allows full control of all the many parameters of the iXon cameras. IW now supports iCam, a feature of Andor iXon/luca cameras that allows rapid switching between different exposure times, as is appropriate for multiwavelength time series imaging. This supports our position of offering the best image rates and functionality for all supported cameras.

Electrophysiology and Imaging in the Same Computer — IW 6 continues to integrate with pCLAMP (versions 8 through 10) from Axon Instruments (now part of Molecular Devices) in allowing cooperative electrophysiology and imaging in the same computer. No other imaging software has as many integration features.

Cooperation with Heka PatchMaster — IW 6 and PatchMaster have been shown to run perfectly in a single computer. Synchronization of acquisition with PatchMaster and Pulse can be set up via wire triggers.

Too Many Traces? — If you select many, many ROIs and display their fluorescence or ratio traces in the graph window, it can be hard to distinguish between them. But now you can hide any subset of traces, just by clicking on the Hidden/Visible status to the right of the window. Click again to view them.

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